12 Important and Must-Read Analytics Blogs

Analytics tools are the cornerstone of conversion optimization. They capture data that shows what’s happening on your web pages and help you analyze it so you know what to change and you can evaluate if your new strategy works.
But the use of analysis tools is not always easy. Many analysis packages need to be modified and configured so that you can have real ideas, and sometimes you need a little help.
Fortunately, there are many experts around who live and breathe analyzes and can help everyone, from beginners to experienced users, get the most out of their analytical setup.

A few years ago Crazy Egg published a list of analytical blogs unavoidable. And although we always love and read blogs on this list, there is always room for more.

Here is an alphabetical list of some other writers and blogs that it is worth doing to get even more help with the analytical part of your conversion strategy.

1. Adobe Digital Marketing Blog

Despite the title, analysis is one of the major topics of Adobe’s Digital Marketing Blog. As you would expect, there is a preference for the company’s digital marketing solutions, but you can still have a useful insight into the use of data that you can apply to other tools, and it’s a Knowledge on other aspects of marketing.
Whether you are looking for tips, best practices or a perspective on the latest developments, this blog deserves a reading.

An example: This article on What is indexing applications and how can you use it?

2. Analytics Pros

Founded by Caleb Whitmore, Analytics Pros brings together what they call “a team of uber-geeks” to collect and share data ideas.

In addition to analysis, the blog covers conversion optimization, SEO, digital strategy, mobile, among other topics. It is an excellent place to follow what is going on in the analyzes, to publish regular rounds of the latest news and opinions. It also covers segmentation, data visualization, dashboard creation and more.

For technical information, see this article on extending Google Analytics with the API.

3. Analytics

Analytics is the blog of Annie Cushing who likes to “do everything to make the data sexy”. It aims to provide practical strategies for using analysis for business owners with limited time and resources.
If you want to understand regular expressions, campaign markup, profile filters, measurements and dimensions, as well as tips and tools you can use, all explained in plain English (well, sometimes it has to be Technical, you know). The blog for you.

My choice: An article on KPI titled Why Google Analytics User Metrics are BS [for most sites].

4. Blast Analytics Marketing

The Blast Analytics Marketing blog focuses on four topics: website optimization, SEO, online marketing and, of course, analysis. Whether you’re interested in seeing how your download links are converting, checking the depth of scrolling or seeing how your email marketing works, there’s a lot of good advice here.
This guide on tracking multiple domains in analyzes is a useful example.
5. The Institute of Content Marketing

If the Content Marketing Institute seems to be an unlikely source of analytical information, think again. There are dozens of articles on analytics covering everything from starting analyzes to using data to create characters, getting content ideas and optimizing your content for greater appeal and better conversions.

This article on 3 Content-optimization issues that Google Analytics can answer is an example, and there are many others, which makes this blog a true gold mine.

6. E-Nor

E-Nor is all about digital analysis and marketing optimization (something that the CrazyEgg team is also passionate about). Check out the list of labels on the E-Nor blog and you will see more than a dozen topics related to the analysis.

Whether you want to recover a deleted account, use tags, use filters, or discover another Google Analytics feature, you’re likely to find it here.

This article filled with a screenshot on removing cookies is a good example of what E-Nor offers.

7. Jeffalytics

The person behind Jeffalytics is the digital marketing consultant Jeff Sauer. The blog is also known as “Knowledge Depth” and that’s what it’s meant to offer.
Not only does Jeffalytics focus on a range of digital marketing practices, but articles show how to improve the quality of your analytics data (essential for conversion optimization), measure ROI with analytics and track how your Content is powerful.
Its recent take on Mobilegeddon is worth reading.

8. Koozai
I met Koozai for the first time when looking for an article on custom dashboards Google Analytics, and I have always observed it. In addition to the articles on analyzes, you will find information about branding, social media, paid search and content marketing on Koozai’s blog.
There is a lot of great information out there, but it’s hard not to like the guide from Koozai

9. Likes the data

With LovesData, the name says it all. The blog prolificly publishes on Google Analytics and also covers remarketing, conversions, SEO, social media and many, many more. Mashups data, segment sharing, regular expressions – there is much to do.
My choice this time is a basic guide on goals.

10. Lunametry

Lunametrics is a Google Analytics certified partner, so it’s no surprise that the company has a lot to say about this free tool. While the blog covers conversion, e-mail marketing, social media and much more, it’s worthwhile to dig into the subtleties of Universal Analytics’ best practices, custom dimensions, cohort analyzes, and goals Definition and refining.
Whether you’re looking to understand the basics of Google Analytics or to deepen, the Lunametrics blog is a great resource. A recent article on the identification and filtering of internal traffic is an excellent example of the quality offered.

11. Moz

If you are a conversion optimizer, it is likely that you have already read Moz. (In fact, this concerns people interested in SEO, social network marketing, branding and blogs as well). But there’s so much content that it’s worth focusing on the site’s analysis category.

Quick navigation shows articles on content analysis, elimination of reference spam, structured data and visualization of data.

My selection? An article entitled CRO Statistics: How to Avoid Reporting Bad Data. If you are going to explore Moz, take a cup of coffee before you start reading – the items tend to be long.

12. Tatvic

Like Lunametrics, Tatvic is a Google Analytics certified partner and regularly publishes publications on all aspects of the tool. Some of them can be very technical and topics range from lead generation to custom dimensions to reports, covering a lot of territory in between.

A good example (although accompanied by a snippet alert) is a publication on mobile application Google tracking.

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