Basic API Development services

In the current scenario, building an application without application (API) will not satisfy the user’s requirements. Enterprise software developers with foresight include APIs in their applications because they expect their applications to be robust and interact effectively with other applications.

Like the peer dependency for performing various daily activities in the real world scenario, the virtual world also requires help from the contemporary software for the operation of regular operations. Over time, this interdependence of different applications will grow. The custom development of the API is a great way to enrich a website with useful data and processes without having to write redundant lines of code. The application programming interface (API) is the set of functionalities necessary for the creation of software applications and allows interaction between applications without any interruption. Operating systems are facilitated by APIs in the execution of the basic functions and therefore APIs are considered by most applications as the essential platform for requesting a service from other software . They provide the means to request program services and grant access to open an application.

Basic API Development Services

We offer API development and API integration services covering a wide range of industries. We specialize in developing and integrating APIs for the Web, mobile applications and the cloud.

  1. Develop API for mobile applications

Mobile applications are developed almost every day due to the increased use of mobile phones and smart phones. We can develop APIs for your mobile applications, helping you to:

  • Maintain control over the use of data, pay utility bills and keep the account balance, etc.
  • Set appointments and use GPS to find the locations of the map
  1. Developing APIs for the Cloud

Cloud APIs allow software to request data from services through a direct or indirect, vendor-specific or cross-platform interface. Developers and administrators use cloud-based APIs to integrate applications into the cloud. Cloud-based APIs help in the following ways:

  • There are developers in the social networking field who want to use applications like Twitter in new ways. They enhance APIs by creating dedicated developer portals where developers collaborate to write better code samples using innovative tools
  • Google Drive helps you store and manage photos, videos, and documents on the cloud. It is possible through the development of the cloud API
  1. Developing an API for Web Services

As an interface to both the web server and the Web browser, a Web API is a framework used to develop HTTP services, which are required in browsers, mobile devices, and tablets. Device compatibility can be achieved using Web APIs. They also help Web applications access:

  • Information about a device, such as the status of its battery
  • Information stored on devices such as contacts, calendar, tasks, etc.

Customized API development services offer

At Flatworld Solutions, we meet your development needs of the Web API and services related to the development of the API. We look forward to creating APIs tailored to your different business models and ensuring consistent and consistent integration with as many applications as possible. We are the one stop shop where almost all your API development requirements can be met.

In addition to providing a basic development of the API, we also offer –

  • Documentation: We provide comprehensive documentation to help developers understand and master the API. Samples and exceptions are provided, which facilitates understanding
  • Security: Strict standards are followed for the security of your extensive data and exposed on the open world world. Multi-level access is possible with the assurance of fair use aided by the key API and Secret Key
  • Statistics: encyclopaedic and sophisticated dashboard to display API users and usage data
  • Components: Ready to use, enabling tracking, simulation and limitation of components that are delivered at an incredible rate according to specifications

Our expertise in the development of the API

We have a rich experience in developing and integrating APIs for a wide range of software applications from our customers. Our team consists of API experts and web application developers who are highly skilled in crafting accurate, structured, secure, powerful and well-documented code design that ensures the best performance of your website and applications Software. Our expertise includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Paypal Integration
  • Integration with XML / Java Script / REST APIs
  • .NET integration
  • Integration with Yahoo APIs
  • Development of the Twitter API
  • Integration and development of the Web API
  • Integration with Oracle-based Web Services
  • Integration of the delivery API (FEDEX and UPS)
  • Integration with Google APIs (AdSense, Graphics, YouTube, Finance, Maps, Research, Language, Geocoding, etc.)
  • Skype-based API integration

Why Flatworld Solutions?

Our team, armed with advanced technology and expertise, is associated with you in your efforts to implement, monitor, support, analyze and monetize APIs. Some of the reasons why you should choose Flatworld Solutions as a development partner API:

  • We provide specialized application coding services
  • Our experts conduct research and collect information about documentation and code
  • We have the ability to understand the information and use it wisely for the development of the API
  • Our extensive experience in programming and technical writing is a plus.
  • Our team is well mastered with C, C ++, Java, PHP Doxygen, Javadoc or DITA, FrameMaker and API programming
  • We provide a feature-rich, secure and easy-to-use API development using the best tools in its class
  • We deliver API development projects in a timely manner at affordable rates
  • Our APIs allow seamless communication between different Web services
  • Our APIs integrate smoothly into other applications and offer you the flexibility to extend your service across multiple platforms such as mobile devices and offline software
  • High performance to manage a large amount of web traffic as well as mobile applications
  • We offer customized API development services tailored to the customer

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