5 views of SEO specialist should do in 2017

Late, we’ve seen many vital statements, actually focused on Google, for example, a report on the JavaScript back link, relocation to the first versatile command, dumping and expanded AMP support in the list items and The extension of the indexed lists, From rich remains to the maps to the answers.

Thus, various specialized questions need to be thought through in an SEO analysis to approve vulnerability and indexability, and also to broaden the perception in the elements of the natural list:


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  1. Versatile multimedia stiffness

Google has shared that most of its quests are currently portable and that they are moving to a first versatile record in the coming months. While performing a specialized magazine in SEO, it is currently essential not only to check how the Googlebot desktop arrives on your site’s content in addition, how Google’s navigation robot does it. You can approve your site’s general vulnerability (errors, derivations and blocked assets) and the opening of the substance (is your substance exactly rendered?) With the attached specialized SEO devices:

  1. Portable Validators on page at Google Page

The “Get as Google” utility, with the “Get as Google” option, with the “Versatile: Smartphone” retrieval and rendering options, are the least complex approaches And most ideal to check how Google’s search engine “sees” a given page of your site, so that you can use them to check the versatile status of your site. Additionally, Google Search Console’s “Versatile Ease of Use” report recognizes particular pages on your site with portable ease-of-use issues.

  1. JavaScript creeping driving and rendering of substance

Three years later, Google said they were currently ready to run JavaScript keeping in mind the final goal of better understanding the pages. In any case, JavaScript tests – like the current one by Bartosz Goralewicz or Stephan Boyer – have shown that it is based on the way it is updated and on the system used. While conducting an SEO review, it is currently necessary to decide whether the site depends on JavaScript to demonstrate its main principle or its route and to ensure that it is available and actually rendered by Google.3. Organized use and rationalization of information

  1. Google SERPs have not been conventional

“10 blue connections” for a while, due to images, records and neighborhood packs of widespread queries; Notwithstanding, advancement has made the next stride with the sending and gradual development of components such as rich pieces, rich maps, learning boards and answer boxes. These elements, as indicated by SERP screens such as Mozcast and RankRanger, are currently incorporated into a number of non-trivial items.

This move implies that the draw of more snaps and visits through SEO efforts is currently accomplished through the ideal positioning in natural publications as well as increasing the perception of the page of your site with these strengths of the SERP . Most of the time, getting these show updates is about effectively updating organized information, organizing and focusing on your stuff to meet demands, where even modifiers can produce a change4. AMP Arrangement

AMP currently needs to be incorporated into Google news, and its proximity with “Google” is launching into Google news. It is also given an inclination on the application of deep connections in the elements of the query, continues to be expanded through the image results, and now will be strengthened by Baidu in Asia.

To the extent possible that the site has not yet been transferred to HTTPS, it is essential to assess the achievement and overall importance of an HTTPS movement, along with other key improvements and prospects and Safety concepts. Also provide your proposals, ensuring that when HTTPS is updated, an SEO approval is done some time recently, middle and after the rehousing process5. Configuring HTTPS

Since mid-2014, Google uses HTTPS as a positioning sign; A year ago, they also reported that, in order to allow customers to have a more secure environment, they would start packing HTTP pages that have collected passwords or payment cards as “unsecured”.

If the site has not yet been moved to HTTPS, it is fundamental to consider the possibility and general importance of an HTTPS movement, along with other essential enhancements and security angles and arrangements. Give your proposals as needed, ensuring that when HTTPS is run, an SEO approval is done some time recently, in the middle and after the relocation procedure.

  1. HTTPS Configuration

Since mid-2014, Google uses HTTPS as a positioning sign; A year ago, they also reported that, to allow customers to have a more secure knowledge, they would begin to pack HTTP pages that have collected passwords or payment cards like “Unsecured”.

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