Cloud and VPS Hosting – Which Hosting to Choose in businesses.

Cloud hosting and VPS hosting have become extremely popular among businesses, regardless of their size. Now the right choice between the two depends on certain factors, including –

  • Type of services
  • The owner’s expected time to believe that the business will grow
  • The amount required for the management of the site

There are similarities between the two hosting solutions. Each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses. Thus, while choosing the appropriate server, the decision depends on the scalability of the resources as well as the control ability that can be exerted on the hosting resources. The last point is very important because of the simple fact that server security is very important.

Keep in mind that an IT administrator has no control over the cloud server. They have neither control nor configuration. This leads to a simple understanding that there is less control over security configurations as well as the advanced firewall.

Vulnerability and Flexibility Issues

As far as the hosting of VPS is concerned, the user benefits from a rapid scaling. This allows them to take advantage of additional resources, totally absent in the case of shared servers. When a company chooses cheap VPS hosting in India, it opts for the advantage of upgrading server resources quickly. Some of the server resources that can be upgraded by the enterprise are the memory, processor speed, and disk space.

In the event that requested resources are not available, the user or a company has the option to move the entire site to a new computer. By making this transfer, the company can face several hours of server downtime.

In particular, cloud and VPS solutions provide enterprises with adequate control over installed applications. However, it is also true that in the case of VPS hosting solutions, users benefit from additional flexibility, especially from the point of view of installed applications. Control flexibility refers to specific aspects such as processor utilization, memory, and disk space.

In the case of cloud servers, they give users the ability to move quickly to a virtually unlimited degree. If additional resources are required, there is no downtime. This is one of the biggest advantages of the cloud. In fact, resources or features, including processor speed, memory or additional bandwidth, can be upgraded instantly.

If the company needs more control over resources, cheap VPS hosting in India is definitely a better option than that of the clouds. However, if the company wants to be live all the time, even when server resources are transferred (which is obviously not a daily but occasional affair), the cloud seems to be the preferred option available between the two.

Security and Control

Linux-based Linux or Linux-based servers work similarly to dedicated servers and provide users with better control over server resources. With regard to cloud servers, they offer users the advantage that data can be stored on any redundant server. This means that the user has almost no control over the security of the server. This is where cheap VPS hosting solutions in India mark clouds.


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