Applications are more than just uploading them on cloud

Today IT drives the business of the firm and hence there are huge transformations taking place in the industry and most of the changes are on cloud computing.

There was a time when IT (Information Technology) was considered to be just a support system in the company but now the time has changed. IT has become core of any company; today whole business revolves around the IT department.

Creating or building on cloud platform, be it on public, private or a hybrid , it enables organizations of any size to deliver services faster in their organization and hence leading to their customer getting faster service as well.

Cloud is not just a platform to build technological advancements but also a place where cultural shifts are taking place. Cloud is a platform where software defined infrastructure and self-serve access that empowers the development teams to experiment with new technologies.

With the advent of cloud platform, old ways of managing, monitoring and maintaining IT projects no longer are in vogue.

Changing over to cloud:

The firms which have moved over to the cloud are now reviewing their performances and they see that it has improved drastically. The cycle time has shrinked and they can roll out more projects in same time period as earlier with much more efficiency and accuracy.

For any company to be on the top of the game. They should keep in mind some check points:

  • Adoption of Advanced Cloud Platform Capabilities 

  • Dev/Deploy Cycle Time Optimization 

  • Monitoring and Management Oversight 

  • Cost Oversight 

  • Staff Time Optimization 

To develop new perspective for new platform:

Shifting from all-inclusive vendor suites to web of heterogeneous services is a task. Many a times powerful consoles and management tools provided by vendors may not integrate with the open source software components, thus having a good management that can monitor software that can mange breadth of coverage and accommodate change in future is paramount.

The cost thing:

Cloud being an open ended in terms of potentials expenses, it’s important that there are some guardrails which can keep a tap of as much required else the monthly bills can creep up to thousands of dollars for a very large organization.

What we conclude:

In the end we conclude that companies that are deploying cloud for the first time should not have too much of expectations of all the softwares to be on this journey of cloud whether its for application support, management or monitoring, it’s a long journey let one by one the system be on track.

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