Google constrict the Adword view conversion window from 30 days to 1 day

Google made a huge announcement recently by stating that the viewing conversion window for graphic advertisements and video ad impressions will be reduced from 30 days to 1 day.

While this new change will not affect the existing 30-day search ads conversion window, this is a significant change for other forms of Google Ad Words marketing.

What is visualization conversions?

Visualization conversions (VTCs) are conversions that occur when a user converts after a video display or print impression that is only displayed on a click.

This means that a cookie is deleted when a user displays a displayed ad or looks at a video ad impression but does not click on it. This cookie has a duration of 30 days within which, whenever the user converts, the conversion is attributed to the display advertisement or the video print ad that it has previously seen.
For Display Network ads, the last displayed impression is taken into account to display a view conversion. According to Google, an impression of a display ad is when at least 50% of the ad is on the screen and visible to users for at least 1 second. When these criteria are met, a cookie is dropped which follows the user’s behavior for a certain length of time.

For video ads, view conversion tells you when a print on your video ad translates to a conversion. The last impression of video advertising is taken into account for conversion by Google. Remember that an impression is different from a view with regard to video advertisements. Here a view is when a user watches a video ad for at least 30 seconds or full (when the ad lasts less than 30 seconds). During this time, an impression is when the user displays the video ad for at least 1 second of its duration.


Note: Display conversions do not include conversions of people who have also interacted with your other ads.

With this change, users who convert within 24 hours of viewing and video ads are counted as conversions only.

When and how?

The new visualization conversion window will be effective as of March 29, 2017. According to Google, the update will be applied to new and existing conversion actions that are currently set on the conversion window. Default.

As it stands, the change will not disturb the life of 30-day search cookies. Thus, all Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads will always delete cookies with a one-month duration.

Additionally, viewing conversions are not included in the Conversions column in Ad Words, and therefore, this change will only affect the data in the VTC column reports.

Adding conversion columns to your reports

It’s simple enough to add a new column to track conversions to your reports in the Campaigns tab.

Follow the instructions below to add the Conversion column

Step 1: Go to the Campaigns tab and click the Columns button, and click the Edit Columns option.
Step 2: Click Conversions.
Step 3: Select the columns you want to include in your reports.
Step 4: Click the Apply button to save your new column and generate reports for conversion tracking.

Why the new window conversion window conversion?

Given that users are most likely converting to an ad view day, the new change will help to more accurately assign the conversion to specific display ads or video ads.

Reducing the default attribution window to a single day also makes sense for many advertisers who are benching on the ability of their customers to actually remember brands within 24 hours of viewing their ads.

Advertisers will still be able to customize the window setting for each conversion action by going to ‘Conversions’ under the tool tab.

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