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How to reconcile SEO with modern website design

Seo and Modern Website Design When it came to search engine optimization (SEO), the old wisdom argued that every web page should be a minimum of 300 words in order to boost the rankings. Does this target still contain water? How to reconcile SEO and modern website design that focuses on minimum text and more images?


Quite simply, search engines like Google need enough written content to determine the topics tackled on a page and their relevance to the search for a user. You might be really proud of your clever and three-word slogan, but is it enough to tell Google or a reader what it is? Probably not.

A simple solution to this problem is the modern scrolling website, which can take many forms. (If you are interested in the geeky differences between fixed long scrolling and parallax scrolling, check this priming.)

For our purposes here all you need to know is that scrolling allows more words to appear on your home page without cluttering the user’s initial experience when landing on your page. These additional words allow a search engine to index your page and rank it higher according to the (ideally) quality of the content in depth that you provided.

Homepage SEO

In a blog post for the WordPress SEO tool, Yoast, Michiel Heijmans says companies do not need to optimize their home pages for a keyword. However, it offers guidelines for the home page of the home page, including (among others):

  • “Make sure that the title of the page focuses on your brand name or main product”
  • “Add a clear and recognizable logo in the upper left corner for the brand”
  • “There should be a clear call to action that attracts attention”
  • “Product images invite, but the page needs textual information or a great slogan as well”
  • “If applicable, add a search bar (prominent or additional)”
  • Sub-pages offer another opportunity to support your SEO efforts with thorough and quality content. Providing regular in-depth content through your blog, adding new testimonials, publishing information videos and more can help improve your search rankings.

SEO needs content marketing

You can optimize your website to # degree, but this will not result in really meaningful results if you do not promote your site and your content. We talked about this in more detail in our last article, but we must repeat that SEO and content marketing are mutually supportive.

“Your content plays an important role in your visibility on Google’s SERPs, so you can not push back the partial content and expect to get traction.Your content must provide enormous amounts of value if you are Serious with regard to the attention of the giant sought. “~ RL Adams, Entrepreneur

Create great content and post it on your site lays the basics of SEO. Promoting and sharing this content via social media and other channels amplifies your reach. A great content is meant to be shared, so do not expect that the search engines will do you all the work.

For more information on how integrated digital marketing can support your SEO efforts, contact us for a free evaluation.

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