Top Blog Post Ideas to bring variety to your content

Your blog is updated frequently and according to your publication schedule, but commitment and traffic are steadily declining. What could be the reason? Your topics are well in the interest of your target audience and your tone of voice has not changed over time. Are your blog articles too similar in format and approach and they have become a bit annoying?


This is a valid explanation for the fact that many commercial blogs are declining in popularity and do not allow readers engaged and interested over time. The problem is that, once traders and business owners succeed a successful formula for blogs, they continue to use it over and over again. The problem is that you CAN have a good thing and that people will soon stop feeling their initial excitement.


The solution is simple: add variety to your content mix. Surprise your readers from time to time with something different and learn their reactions, what else you need to add to your formula for success. Here are some of the most popular types of blog ideas to revive the interest of your readers.



Lists are much appreciated as they give people many alternatives and alternatives to a common problem. This specific format is suitable for fast browsing on mobile phones and allows you to create useful content from the information you find on the internet.

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The most popular list types are online resources, books, forums, and other digital resources that people can access quickly by clicking on the anchor text included in your article.


In the wings

Your customers are curious about how you work and how you develop your ideas and products. They can be inspired to improve their own way of working and managing their time. From time to time, virtually invent your readers in your office or workshop, have them visit your installations and let them meet your best employees who help you grow your business.


Article in depth

Some subjects deserve to be explained and analyzed in detail. The current events and ongoing problems that affect the lives of your clients are these topics. Instead of slipping it into a few paragraphs, take a moment to deepen it, present all aspects and advantages and disadvantages and give your readers all the information they need to form their own opinion or act accordingly.



The great data are abstract. Numbers and percentages are difficult to capture and may remain meaningless to your readers. If you want them to understand why they should really be dealing with a tax change, a new trend in stores, home insulation and energy efficiency, you should present those numbers And these percentages visually. Computer graphics are ideal for this purpose. The intelligent combination of shapes, colors and copies allows people to understand and remember information easily. In the future, they would always promote your blog because they knew that you explain abstract information in a friendly and easy way.


Expert opinion

Contact different thought leaders and influencers in your industry and ask them a question that is relevant to your audience. Their responses are usually challenging and enlightening in ways that have not succeeded. Plus, it will increase your reputation among your readers once they realize that you have access to these leaders and they validate your business by agreeing to share their ideas with you.


Finally, do not forget that your own readers are a valuable source of topics for your blog. Their questions and comments will show you what they really want to know, what worries them and what interests them. Using their questions as a source of a FAQ article from time to time will also show them that you are really listening to them and that you are trying to be useful.

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